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(Dated on 24th March 2011)

This past week , the "Helping Hands Association" spent one full day cleaning and painting the room where Ba Dau is struggling to bring up her 3 grandchildren. The physical transformation of the home was spectacular.  But perhaps even more important for Ba Dau and the children was to have 5 people come and give their time and energy for no other reason than that they care.

"Helping Hands" also raised the money to have a mezzanine built in Minh's room where she lives with her 4 children in 8 sq. meters. The two older daughters are teenagers and the living conditions had become untenable.

Thank you to Jodie and Clotilde from Helping Hands who both made the day possible and all of the volunteers that did the work.
We also want to thank Florence Bacin for the getting us all together.

Giving Ba Dau's house a facelift!
Before, during and after.
Mez 1
Mez 2
Mez 4
Thanks to all of you!
Mez 5
This is where Minh lives with her 4 children and mother. The owner who rents her this place is the worst slum lord I have ever seen in my life. In any case, the girls are thrilled with their new private sleeping area.
Mez 6
The entire living space.
Mez 7
Tran, 9 yrs old
Mez 8
Buiding for a better living
Mez 9
Mez 11
Mez 13
The three younger ones on their way back to school after lunch.
Mez 10