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  • Provide sponsorships to cover the monthly school fees and supplies to assure that every child attends school, provide tutors in the case of learning difficulties
  • Visit homes in the evening and weekends to determine the family situation and provide moral support (financial when necessary)
  • Assure access to the latest treatments and medical care, including dental care, encourage preventative medicine
  • Meet weekly to share information, discussion, games, music, art
  • Accompany families in overcoming the administrative bureaucracy of Vietnam
  • Disseminate the most recent information on the care of AIDS
  • Educate families in hygiene, nutrition and lifestyle to reinforce the immune system and avoid opportunistic diseases
  • Bring joy and laughter back into people’s lives through games, parties, music, and extracurricular activities
  • Offer classes in yoga, English, computer, and massage
  • Offer micro-credits for people wanting to start a small business, encourage independence
  • Accompany families emotionally and financially in the case of death
  • Work on self-respect and plans for the future