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If you accept the theory  "shit happens", then today was just another joyful day with SMILE GROUP.

Meeting in the park early in the morning. By 9AM the temperature was already hovering close to 100°. No breeze and a lot of humidity. UGHHHHHH!

A couple of  notable "firsts";

Vy actually remembered for the first time to wear her new glasses! (without them she can't see)

The grandmothers got down into the action!

And had a lot of fun.

Minh Phuong carried Quang over the finish line - blatantly cheating!

While Elisabeth desperately tries to keep up with a partner who was headed the wrong way!

Ba Dau (left) who can usually be found hitting her grandchildren over the head with a hammer (gently), has a good laugh.

Tuyen, even blindfolded, triumphs, as usual.

While Ba Sau, for once, uses a handkerchief over her eyes for something other than crying over her wayward children (for good reason).

Trân contemplates her future as a biker from the sidelines:

and Lex, wonderful Lex gets everyone reaching for the sky.

Then the shit hit the fan. One of our new boys who is HIV+, fell during the games in the park - and split his lip open. With blood gushing everywhere, several adults came to his aid, unfortunately, no one was wearing gloves. Something we all have to work on doing better the next time. After a trip to the emergency room and a couple of stitches, Phuoc was back on the playing field.

After lunch, Ma Tam, the "Aids Lady", does a workshop on AIDS prevention with the children.

Delirous from the heat, we all headed to the closest swimming pool.

Accompanied by Jean-Jacques, our friend from France, who has come to pitch in.

Nhan wants to tell everyone that she's happy at her new school!

And Truc, just keeps getting prettier!  As does her twin sister! Here comes trouble.

LOVE TO ALL, Leslie, Minh-Phuong, Elisabeth