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Bảng quảng cáo

Dated on 20th December 2010


Dated on 22 Jule 2010.


Dated on 15th April 2010

Home visit to Hiep's family

This afternoon, we brought the water filter and mixer to Hiep's house. (We used the money contributed by Mr Tong) Hiep had been giving her well water to drink and buying chau at the market! We asked her to prepare the baby's food at home and use clean drinking water. Hopefully, her 1 year old daughter will stop getting sick and going to the hospital all the time.
Meanwhile Quang was happy to show us his diploma, he's doing really well at school.
We left him outdoors learning to fly a kite with his grandmother.

Hiep's home in a marsh.

Water filter on right and mixer in middle.

Quang and his certificate of merit

Flying a kite with grandma




Micro-credict project by The Chance to Change Company.

Some of Smile Group's families has just granted a micro credict loan from the CTC company. These families use the monies for the small business such as rooms for rent, selling food on a push-cart, selling knives at market fairs, ect. This excellent project will bring the poor people an oppotunity to earn for their own living and become independent. Many thanks to the CTC company for their project.

vay von 12

Mr Huy - Director of Chance To Change (on the left)


vay von 1

vay von 2

vay von 3

vay von 5

vay von 6

vay von 10



Generous Donations from Mr Tong - An Amercan Viet Kieu loyal sponsor

1-Ti Ni's house:

Broken house (1)

Broken house

Broken houseReparing (3)

Started the contruction for the ground and the underneath Reparing (4)Reparing (5)

Fixing the wooden wall around and the aluminium roof.Reparing (6)Reparing (7)Reparing (8)

Reparing (2)Reparing

Covering the floor with plastic piece of cloth

Reparing (1)

New Sanitation


Completion - Enjoying the new warm house with Ti Ni and her grandmother. Thank you very much to Mr. Tong and the volunteers.



2. Khang-Vy's new rest room:

The Smile family from LONG AN has been living in this small hut with the aluminum roof for many years. There was no running water and no toilet. As the grandfather gets older and his health is faltering, trudging through the mud to the outhouse became too difficult and the grandsons had to accompany him. But one of the grandsons is HIV+ and his health is also fragile.
Last month during Anh Tong's trip, he went to visit the family. He generously offered to finance the materials to build a toilet and bring plumbing into the house.
Mission Accomplished!
Some things we tend to take for granted in the West are not always accessible to people living in poverty.

Long An Toilet 1

Long An Toilet 2

Long An Sanitation 3

Long An Toilet 5