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Bảng quảng cáo
Looking ahead

We are presently focused on establishing financial stability to pursue our support of children with AIDS. Education and a healthy caring home will always be our priorities. As we become more stable, we hope to expand the group and develop activities.



It is our conviction that lifestyle is a fundamental factor in longevity for people with AIDS. We have personally witnessed, for better and for worse, how nutrition and hygiene can affect the childrens’ fragile immune systems. We are planning to open a “Therapeutic Retreat” for our children to adapt new lifestyle habits more conducive to living with AIDS. We own a large piece of land by the sea about 200 kilometres NE of Saigon and hope to start building the center in the fall of 2009. Children would come accompanied by their caretakers for a period of 1-8 weeks (or longer if required). We would also encourage volunteers and international sponsors to visit us at the center to enjoy both time with the children and a pleasant stay at the sea.